Airboat Adventures



I recently went on a vacation to New Orleans, Louisiana. During that vacation I took full advantage of all of the tourist attractions they had to offer. I went on a bike tour, walked around the French Quarters, went to the zoo, and even took a cooking class! One of my favorite activities was going on the Airboat Adventure tour! Prior to going on the boat I had no idea what to expect. I was very nervous and anxious just thinking about the possibility of losing a limb to an alligator. We arrived at the facility after a chaotic bus ride there. They assigned us to boat #11 and we got ready to go. In the beginning, it was very slow. We did not see many alligators. The boat director was throwing marshmallows to prompt them out of the marsh areas to come closer to the boat. I was completely fine with the fact that they were being shy. Eventually, the alligators came closer to the boat and the driver started playing with them. He even pulled them onto the boat and was slapping at their mouths. He fed them the marshmallows and used hot dogs as a reward to get them to do tricks! The alligators were right in front of me and it was a terrifying and thrilling sight to see! At the end of the ride, the driver passed around a baby alligator for everyone to hold! It was only a couple of months old and was smaller than my forearm. This adventure was a thrilling and nerve wracking experience that I am grateful to have been through.