I somewhat pride myself on having an abundance of "unbelievable" things happen to me. I am prone to being the only one to trip on the floor board, buy the only jeans with a hole in them, get stopped at the airport, or leave my coffee on top of the car. I truly do believe that nothing comes into my life without a story or an imperfection. I rarley go on vacation without leaving important items at home or almost missing (sometimes actually missing) my flight. After many years of MY life experience I have learned to laugh at the "unbelievable" and appreciate the bigger picture. That being said I have been saving up for a new car. I went from dealership to dealership listening to all the sleazy salesmen pitch me their "you cant beat it" price. Finally, after all the hard work (my two day search), I found the right car, the right price, and the right dealership. So the day comes for me to pick up my new beauty and I am just waiting for my "unbelievable" moment. The ride to the dealership goes smoothly, I enjoyed a nice coffee on the way, so far so good. "Your destination in on the right" the woman who voices my navigation says, sounding overly excited. My mother, who is driving, pulls up and starts her torturous act of parallel parking. I can see her, the beauty, my new car shiny clean and ***BAMMMM*** "unbelievable" happens. The man who is cleaning my new car, anticipating my arrival, backs into a pole. Long story short the damage was minimal and now I have the perfect car. She's got character and an unbelievable story.