The Fun Side

On the other side of this black-hole, (which I already picture as a very long amusement park slide), I would find a world filled with sensory equipment. In addition to the long slide I fell out of, there would be an assortment of similar "rides" for various ages or experience levels. Alongside the slides, would be a handful of trampolines and bounce castles. These would not only build muscle but also be a good source of cardio-activity. Let's not forget about the pool; and it's not just one pool, but a pool for each age group. There is of course a toddler pool for the very young, a pool for preschool children, school age and then intermediate. Naturally, multiple lifeguards would be assigned and attentive to each area. There is a ball bath, sensory tables filled with water or sand, beans or dirt. Each activity is accompanied by a handful of themed toys to allow kids room to explore and discover their elements. On the outskirts of this world, there would be lines of houses for each family. Behind each house would be a garden in which the family could plant any vegetables they prefer. The weather would be warm enough to use the amusement-like facilities but not too warm where crops would die if they missed a day of water.