Somewhere Over the Black Hole

If a black hole were to suck me in a place I would like to see on the other side would be a place of pure relaxation. Space itself strikes me as relaxing so I would imagine the other side of a black hole would be just as relaxing. I would hope to be at some sort of a waterfall because waterfalls are the most relaxing thing for me. A place where the temperature is about 70 degrees fahrenheit and comfortable. It is like a calm forest with the typical sounds one might hear in the forest. Birds chirping, the sound of moving water would be ideal sounds for my place of relaxation. Not a rainforest though because the animals within those can be quiet scary. Just a normal forest. It was almost be like a quiete resort where I could just lay in a hammock and let the sounds around me just wisp me away into a happy sleep. I wouldn't want to stay there for long but long enough where I am fully at peace and long enough where I can enjoy it.