Paradise Island

If I were to enter a black hole, I hope it would take me to a type of paradise island. This island would contain crystal clear blue water and white sand. This land would be magical. I wouldn't have to worry about getting sunburnt by staying on the beach for too long because the sun's rays would be beneficial for skin providing a multitude of health benefits. Everyday the weather would be perfectly sunny with a slight breeze to keep it cool. The only day it can rain is on Sunday. That is only to prevent a drought from occurring. The island would be private. There would never be traffic. The mall would always have good sales, especially in the shoe stores. The grocery store delivers fresh produce weekly, or it can be delivered a second time with same-day delivery if the online form is filled out before 12pm. All schools will start no later than 8:00 a.m. There will be no homework on Fridays throughout the entire island. The weekends are for playing outside with friends, not for staying indoors doing homework. There will be a maximum tv/computer limit for all children under 18. They will not be able to use the computer for more than two hours per day. If there is time not spent from that two hours, it will turn into gift cards that can be spent at the mall. College tuition will be paid through a work-study program. The students will earn their tuition through working a campus job. All of these conditions together seem to be an ideal paradise island to me. If I were to enter a black hole, this is where I would want it to take me.